Victoria Olsina

SEO Manager

Victoria Olsina works at Consensys as an SEO Manager. She is a seasoned Digital Marketing professional and SEO Speaker with over eight years experience across 3 continents. Her main focus areas are SEO, Ecommerce, and Digital Strategy. Throughout her career, Victoria has developed and implemented digital marketing strategies for corporate clients such as Barclays, Telecom, Lotto, Kathmandu, Citizen Watches and New Zealand Tourism.

Talk title: How Will Blockchain Impact Search Marketing?

Talk synopsis: If you’ve heard of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies then you most likely have heard of Blockchain. This technology promises to dramatically change many industries as it allows users to interact without a middleman in a secure and transparent way.
Search marketing is one of the industries where the middle man’s presence is most obvious: everything is ruled by Google. But could you imagine Search without Google?
In this session, Victoria Olsina: SEO expert and Blockchain enthusiast, explores the possibilities of Blockchain and how it would impact Search Marketing in the near future. This session will cover the relationship between search engines and governance, transparency, data sovereignty and content monetisation models.